To celebrate Small Potatoes’ 10th year, they are partnering with the Onondaga Small Business Development Center to present a workshop series about starting and growing a food business. The SBDC is a resource for new business startups, succession planning, and business expansion. SBDC provides one-on-one business counseling, budget development, and workshops that help entrepreneurs – and food businesses – plan for growth in a smart and sustainable way.

The six 2-part events pair a workshop with a panel discussion, site visit, or hands on exercise highlighting the successes and journeys of other local foodpreneurs to provide a diverse look across the food system. Each 2-part event costs $75, or you can buy all six for $400.

The series will provide a nose to tail look at running a food business and answer hard questions about starting, running, and succeeding in the food industry. Starting at home production and running through taking your product to a regional scale, programs will look at pricing, distribution, selling wholesale and direct to consumers, brand building, customer service, display building, and much much more. If you have an idea that your friends and family are encouraging you to explore or are an established food businesses or farm looking to build a brand, this series will offer practical and actionable guidance that you can put to work immediately.

The series starts in January and runs until June, one program per month. Each session will start with a workshop on Tuesday with a workshop, and the paired event on that Thursday. Each $75 ticket is good for entry to both events. Full series tickets are also available at a discounted price and come with Small Potatoes goodies.

Are you turning an idea into a business? Is your business ready to take the next step? This interactive, high energy, real, and insightful series is a practical guide to do it right. 

Helping start-up and small-scale food businesses launch and grow since 2009

Martin Butts is a local food advocate, entrepreneur, speaker, and the founder of Small Potatoes, a boutique consulting firm. He specializes in independent food businesses, embracing as his life’s mission to grow fair and sustainable food systems leading to healthier communities. Martin previous experiences include working as the merchandising manager at the Syracuse Cooperative Market, as Director of Syracuse University's Community Test Kitchen, and Community Education and Outreach Coordinator for Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY).

Butts is an energizing and informative speaker whose keynotes at national conferences and summits, including TEDxUtica, invite diverse audiences to build a brighter foodie future. His presentation style engages at every level whether he is speaking at universities, community centers, grocery stores, in city parks, or on stairways and wooden crates. He has worked with hundreds of food producers, and built value for entrepreneurial farmers, restaurants, retailers, distributors, nonprofits, colleges, and consumers.